19 January 2004

For those of you that are wondering, I am still alive, here in Jamaica.
We had a wonderful weekend up in Ocho Rios and are now back at UTC for the home stretch. The students have returned to the campus, and it is nice to have company.
Will be home Friday... miss you all :)

08 January 2004

Well, I am in Jamaica. We are staying in Kingston at the United Theological College of the West Indies and there happens to be a computer in the library that we can use (yippie). I'll try to stop in sometime during the day while I'm here and give a brief update. The library is only open til 4:30 (EST), so it won't include all the days festivities.
Air Jamaica is not very exciting, and very uncomfortable...
There was a lot of sleeping on the plane (sometimes just trying to sleep...)
Our cottage is interesting... more about it later, cause it's lunchtime and I'm starving!
later, k :)