24 November 2003

woohoo. yeah for national youth workers convention!

I promise to give you the scoop about St. Louis, the tribute to Yac, and hearing from Jay Bakker (of the Jim and Tammy Faye clan) and all the other details from the fun filled convention as soon as I have more than 5 minutes at a computer! For now, I'm home and alive and extremely exhausted.

Hope everyone had a memorable weekend!
peace :)

14 November 2003

here we are again...
this has been a crazy week. had a paper due tuesday for yaya, the usual exegesis stuff, preparing worship for Sunday... and I guess that's about all but it seemed like a lot more.

preaching this Sunday in Donalsonville, GA. driving down tomorrow... hopefully it will be a good drive... maybe I can convince someone to ride with me and read placher... or better yet get them to drive!

we're so close to the end! I'm ready. not a whole lot else going on.

hope all is well with you :)

07 November 2003

it's been a long week. I can barely remember Monday!
I can barely remember anything to post...

last night I had my CPM meeting, in which I was approved for candidacy. The official word comes December 2, when I appear before Presbytery, but all should be well. Afterwards the girls and I went to Murphy's with Teri's friend Jason and had a riotous time.

I got back my theology midterm- A-
I got back my YAYA paper- B

Everything seems to be going well...

hope to have an awesome weekend dancing, riding roller coasters and watching movies!

same to you :)

03 November 2003

I've decided I loathe the library. Not because it's a horrible place to study or the people that are here are aliens, but simply because I spend every possible waking moment in the FREAKIN LIBRARY!!! How long, O Lord??? Will you make me poor forever?

I'm registering for spring classes tomorrow and as I'm planning I realize that I spend entirely too much time in the library all because I'm poor any money really doesn't grow on trees. I so wish it did, cause then I'd just go pick some and pay my bills and not worry about never having time to get either my work done or have time for myself.

This weekend is Teri and Katie appreciation day at Six Flags... ok, it's really for all season pass holders, but especially for the beautiful women who go there. (like us) Sadly though I have to pass up on a free tickets to the AU game and a chance to hang out with the gang for Mo's 21st. Oh well... I promised Teri and I should at least go one more time!

In two weeks I will be preaching at First Pres in Donalsonville, GA, which it turns out is about five miles from the GA/FL state line. Speaking of GA/FL... GO GATORS!! Anyway... I have no idea what I'm going to be preaching on cause the lectionary is no good and I have no amazing insights at the moment... will keep you posted.

In other news...