18 August 2014

Checking in #Accountability

So, a couple weeks ago I set out some goals for August.  I intended to post weekly with check-ins on where I am, but last week was a Sunday full of work, from 9am to 7pm, at four different job locations, plus working at home in the evening as well.  Needless to say, I didn't get a post up.  But I did try to stick to my #accountability Instagram posts, and getting back to goal.  Here's a check up on the last couple of weeks:

Sunday, August 10
weight: 149.4 lbs
days run this week: 3 days
     2.5 miles on August 6 - done in the morning. tried to make it to speed work, but couldn't get there in time, so just did my own miles. Had to get it in early before I headed down to my parents' after work
     2.5 miles on August 8 - done at my parents, down near Hilton Head.  The weather was sticky and I should have gotten out earlier, but I got it done.
     6 miles on August 9 - done after work. would have liked to have tried to go a little farther, but a storm was rolling in and I made it back just in time.
days strength trained this week: 1 day
     Barre3 on Sunday night (technically last week, but since it was the beginning... I'm counting it)
     I took my stuff with me to my parents to get in a second Barre3 session, but wasn't able to fit it in.  And the weekend was too exhausting to get in another.
days food tracked: 5 days
    I did really good tracking while I was home, but gave up tracking while I was traveling.

I did have to travel this week, which threw some things off.  A very close friend of the family passed away after battling cancer, and my siblings and I drove down to our parents' on Wednesday, went to the service on Thursday, and headed back on Friday.  I tried to fly home for work on Friday, but got stuck at the airport and ended up eating crap (the Savannah airport is SOOO small), and then got picked up by my brother and sister and driving home anyway.  But I tried to get back on track when I got home.

With Sunday being as crazy as it was I didn't do a great job planning for this week...

Sunday, August 17
weight: 149.4 lbs
days run this week: 3 days
     2.5 miles on August 13 - another morning run, another attempt at speed work, but also realizing my hip is still feeling off, didn't want to push it
     4 miles on August 14 - got a chance to run with our Thursday night run group.  took it easy, again because of the hip.
     5.3 miles on August 17 - ran after our company picnic, and it was HOT out.  Thankful to coworkers for slowing down and keeping me safe in the dicey neighborhood of Brookhaven (that's a joke for those of you outside the ATL).  Hip still sore, but definitely getting better. Adjustment in the AM
days strength trained this week: 3 days
     Barre3 40 min workout on Monday at home
     Barre3 in-studio class on Friday (1 hr)
     Barre3 10 min restorative stretch session at home on Sunday
days food tracked: 4 days
     I started the week of well, but slacked in actually putting it into MyFitnessPal over the weekend.  I did post a lot of it on Instagram - does that count?  ;)

It's going to be another crazy week with work, but I'm hoping to stick with it, get better not only with tracking food, but actually eating a more balanced and healthy diet.

**Interesting to note that my weight was the same both weeks, but there was definitely some fluctuations throughout... some up and some down.  At least it looks like I maintained when taken at a week's glance...

03 August 2014

Time to Get Going

ok - for real.  I have fallen off my rocker.  I haven't been blogging.  I have hardly been running.  And I've been eating like CRAP lately.  And it shows - this morning when I got on the scale, I saw a number I was NOT happy with.  Now, I know that numbers don't mean everything, but I use the scale to help keep me in check.  (My numbers are mine - I'm not saying they are good or bad for anyone else.  You have to figure that out for yourself.  But I am going to post my numbers for accountability.)  And what I saw told me it's time to get serious.  So that's what I'm doing today.  And I'm writing it all out to keep me accountable - to myself and to you - for what my goals are for the rest of the year.  So here it is.

Sunday, August 3 
weight: 149.9lbs
days run this week: 1
      - Monday, July 28: 4.62mi run at 12:36mm pace.  
days strength trained this week: none
days food tracked: none

So, here's part of it.  I am working - A LOT!  I am getting better at prepping food so I am eating healthy at work, but yesterday, even though I brought my own lunch, I dove into the pizza when it arrived because I completely forgot I had my smoothie in the fridge.  And I had gorged on pizza the night before.  Not a good plan for staying healthy.  I'm traveling some this week, but when I finish up this post, I'm going to go plan out my food for the week.  And prep it.  And maybe post it later... but most importantly, no matter what I eat, I'm tracking this week.  I know tracking is important - it was the weeks I tracked on WW that I had the most success.  So I will be using My Fitness Pal to track my food this week, in conjunction with my Fitbit tracker.  

I FINALLY got my delivery with my new Barre3 6-month membership code, and got signed up on Friday.  And then unfortunately got called into work, and went straight from work to my sister's for game night and didn't get in a workout.  Then I worked yesterday, and was a lazy bum when I got home from work.  So I will be doing a Barre3 workout this afternoon as well.  And my goal is to do a workout 3x a week, mixing it up with length of workout and focus areas.

Two weeks ago, when I got back from two consecutive weekends of traveling, my hip was KILLING me.  It hurt to stand, it hurt to walk, and it DEFINITELY hurt to run.  So I took the week off.  I finally went to the chiropractor - and he defined it as "a flat tire" - my left side was soooo tight I was getting barely any range of motion.  The adjustment helped A LOT.  And he gave me exercises to be working on to help loosen it up and get me back together.  My run this week was tough, even though I am feeling a lot better.  Part of it was probably trying to keep up with my speedy co-workers.  But part of it was the lack of flexibility.  To that end, I also plan to do my yoga more, as well as the exercises, stretching, foam rolling, and icing recommended by my doctor.  As it, daily.  I'll do a brief yoga routine to help loosen up my hip flexors, and try to do at least one full yoga workout each week.

I also need to get back into running.  My big goal for the rest of the year is to run a sub-2:00 half marathon at Space Coast on November 30.  I signed up today for an Active Trainer plan that will start September 8.  Which gives me the next four weeks to build back my base.  I want to run three times a week this month - two easy runs and one longer run on the weekend.  And I need to remind myself with each run that I am getting stronger, that I am working on a goal, and that it doesn't need to be "perfect," it just needs to be done.  

What I'd like to see at the end of August is a report more like this:

Sunday, August 31
weight: 142
days run this week: 3 (at avg 10:30mm pace)
days strength trained this week: 3 (Barre3 workouts)
days food tracked: 5

Yes, I'm giving myself permission NOT to track food every single day of the week.  But habits start somewhere.  I will be at Disneyland on August 31, volunteering for the Half Marathon and cheering on my friend Courtney as she goes Coast-to-Coast.  But I'd still like to have a great four weeks between now and then so that the scale reflects hard work and I can enjoy myself at Flo's V8 Cafe after the race!

I am also planning on blogging AT LEAST once a week, on Sundays, with my update on how the week went, and what my weekly goals will be.  

So there it is - my plan.  Help keep me accountable - check in with me via Facebook and Twitter, post comments and let me know your goals.  And hopefully together, we can be our best selves!