Wondering... about Cycling

In 2013, I rode my bicycle from New York City to Washington, DC on the Climate Ride.  This event was designed to raise awareness and funds for organizations doing work around climate change and our need to take action.  I was gifted with a new road bike for my birthday that year, and spent 200 miles training for the event.  It was an amazing experience and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Now I'm seriously considering a triathlon.  I've done a sprint distance before - having borrowed my brother's girlfriend's (at the time) nice road bike for the event.  It was super fun even if it wasn't the best organized race.  I've got a few blog friends that are doing tris, one is even training for Ironman Chattanooga in 2014.  I'm not quite ready for that, but with 3 (almost 4) marathons under my belt, I'm sure that the Ironman is in my future somewhere - just gotta get more comfortable in the water!

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