23 October 2012


Why is it so hard to post pictures on here?  I am trying to use my dusty old blog to figure out how to help my mom with her super awesome blog about their retirement travels.  Mainly because I want to be able to see the pictures they are taking on the boat.  So, why is this so hard?

Welcome Discovery

This is quite possibly my favorite shot of the whole day.  When I realized that I was going to be able to get this shot, I set myself up to try to get the best possible vantage point.  I tried focusing in on the sign, but then the shuttle carrier just looks like a white blur in the sky and not the awesomeness that it really is.  I wish they had been closer so it would have been even more apparent.  

After the fly-in, I visited the sites around DC and hung out with my big, Mere.  On Thursday I headed out to the Udvay-Hazy center for the official transfer ceremony of Discovery.  It was super cool to see the shuttle up close.