14 February 2005

Blinded by the light!

Well, it's official. My last day at VPC is April 10. While part of me is excited to be able to get out of this town of people three times as old as I am (and no one in between), part of me is sad, because of the friendships that I have made here/there that I will miss. I guess right now I'm still soaking it in...

10 February 2005


It's so much easiergoing west than coming back east. I had no trouble getting adjusted to Pacific time, but let me tell you... I've been home for, what, four days, and still I'm having trouble with this whole Eastern Standard junk! The last few days it hasn't been too bad because I haven't needed to be at work early, but this morning I had to be there by 9:30 and it just sucked! But I was totally tickled later in the day when Matthew Long walked by (he's like, 5) and said "hi, Reverend Katie." I was like... huh? "What did you call me" "Reverend Katie..." and I just giggled. Mr. Ed was there... he's the custodian (for lack of a more awesome description of the wonderful things he does around the church)... and he just said "he knows." It was... indescribable!
Well, think that's all for now... I really want to go to bed, but I have to help Mags with another paper. One day I will teach her the importance of not being a procrastinator. Later gator :)

02 February 2005

I can dig it.

That's right folks. I think I could live here in Vancouver. It's a little chilly, but no ice storms... skiing isn't too far away. The mountains are beautiful. And did I mention an idiot isn't in charge :)
The conference just started today. So far it's getting a B-. Nothing too spectacular. Presbyterians really need to break out of the mold. I'm looking forward to workshops tomorrow. I think they will be good and worth the trip. Well, the fact that I'm in Vancouver is really worth the trip, so who cares how the conference goes! Seriously, though, I'm looking forward to this conference and what's in stor. And, I get to check in with Rodger, which will be helpful. Okay... time for dinner. Check with you on Friday!

01 February 2005

Canada, eh?

I'm in Canada... and it was no piece of cake getting in here, let me tell you! Let's just say I spent more time in customs than I ever have in my entire life... and that's combined all the other customs trips! It was NUTTY! But I'm here.... not so sure where my mom is, but apparently she'll get here.
I'm going to look for food now! I will post more later!