31 August 2006

check me out!

two times in one month! I rock.
So, I have a sinus infection. Not fun. And one of the drugs I'm taking for it (I'm taking four) made me really dizzy. It's worn off now, but I hope it's not one I have to take during the day, because I need to work tomorrow.
I leave for Europe in 11 days! I'm psyched! We are going to Germany, Switzerland, France, England and Scotland. I promise to tell you all about it.
Hmmm... not really sure what else to tell you. When I think of something, I'll let you know.

13 August 2006

told you so...

over a month. the usual.
quick update, and then I'm off to bed.

moved out early. couldn't handle the roomie situation.
was home for about a month and a half.
moved into an apartment- by myself- in Kennesaw. for the most part, I'm loving it.
still working at the bank. need to get back into the groove of getting up early (thus the need to go to bed soon).
waiting to buy a house- this apartment company puts money aside for you to buy with certain builders- namely the ones I was looking at as a possibility- so it will work out!
think that about covers it.

later taters.

22 April 2006

life anew

I am such a slacker. Let's just start out with that. And let's also make a prediction that it will again be another month before I post again...
having said that, here is the update from the last month:
I went to Orlando with my roomie... and that was about the last time that we got along. Living with people is so complicated! I think the best roomies I ever had were Noell, Amy (and Teri). Where are more people like you guys?!?! I need a new roomie! So, that is a little stressful... but just a couple more months and then the lease is over... so just pray for us to make it through the next couple of months without killing each other.
I heard from Princeton... didn't get in. I know God has a plan for my life, I'm just really starting to wonder what it is. I know Princeton isn't it, after being denied twice. Although they do say third time's the charm...
Was thinking about applying to San Francisco... but...
I got a new job! I am really loving it so far, even with the getting up early in the morning part (shock of shocks, I know). I am working for Fidelity Bank, at a branch in Roswell, and it is superb. The people that I work with are wonderful, the customers that come in to the bank are wonderful, and I can have a social life again! I had orientation the beginning of the week and then was in the branch for the rest of the week. And then next week I'm back down at corporate for official teller training and then I'm back to the branch as a full-time teller starting on the 1st.
I am still attempting to work a couple of nights at the restaurant for some extra cash. We'll see how that goes.
I am looking to buy a home... more with that as it progresses.
So, right now, I'm just going to be a regular person in a "regular" job and volunteer at the church and see how it goes...
So, that's the skinny for now. Hope all is well with you all!
Blessings, kates :)

08 March 2006

long lost blog

I talked to Noell last week. And it suddenly dawned on me how important writing about the nothingness going on in my life really is to my friends out there who worry about me. So, here I am, blogging to let you know that I am alive.
The quick update is this. I applied to Princeton Theological Seminary and am awaiting the response. I visited the campus a couple weekends ago and really liked it and could see myself there. We will just have to see if God sees me there too.
Ever since the whole MCA thing I have been kind of wondering around in a fog about life. Well, I want to get out of the fog. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated (as would enabling comments on my stupid blogger page!).
That's about all I know at the moment. I am going to veg out a little longer before going to bed. Tomorrow begins a long string of shifts at the restaurant. Gotta get some zzz's. Night.