29 August 2004

Olympic Spirit... Carry it On

I ask, why must the Olympic Spirit of peace and brotherhood last for only 16 days every four years? I say, let it not be confined to a stadium, but let it radiate beyond those walls into each country of the world. Let us be bold to stand up and proclaim the Olympic Spirit for our lives and be willing to greet our neighbors the way athletes greet their competitors at the end of a race. Let us give glory to the One who makes it all possible the way many athletes did silently and boldly no matter what their finishing position. Let us be reminded at the close of these Athens Olympics of the power of history and the importance of passing the torch to the next generation. The Games will go on and so must our hope for this world. Let us continue in the Olympic Spirit.

24 August 2004

In the Midst of Trouble, Hope

That is my brilliant sermon title for this week. The text is Jeremiah 29:1-14. I think this is a great passage and a great reminder that God does indeed have a plan for our lives and is always in charge no matter how chaotic life may seem.
Other than working on my sermon, I've been watching a lot of the Olympics. They have been amazing, but I will be glad when they are over and life can go back to normal.
Also getting ready for our trip to Orlando for Disney's Night of Joy and Universal's Rock the Universe. It's going to be a ton of fun and I'm pumped at the response I've gotten. Right after that I've got ords followed by my trip to Anaheim for the National Youth Workers Convention and then (hopefully) a retreat at Montreat for rest, rejoicing and renewal! It's going to be a crazy fall but it sure beats sitting in class... sorry guys!
Hope everyone is having an awesome week!
Peace :)

17 August 2004


comments do not seem to be working... any ideas? (I guess comments would need to be working in order for you to give me any ideas...)


I just adjusted my template, so I am wanting to see if it works... I know I said I was "going to bed"... well, I am now :)
Yes, the biggest slacker ever does actually reside at youthminister.blogspot.com! I am in Florida, on assignment, if you will. I am doing a year long internship at Venice Presbyterian Church. I have a cable modem, so you think I'd update more often, but alas, the true slacker within comes out! I survived my first hurricane, Hurricane Charley, over the weekend, but am tracking Earl on his way through the Caribbean. I am the Director of Children's, Youth and Family Ministry at VPC and am looking forward to an exciting year. I'm tired now, so I am going to go to bed. Ok, truth be told, I'm going to go watch the Olympics before I go to bed... man are they messing up my schedule! Oh well, they're fun and they're only every two years and at different times... go USA (Michael Phelps)
Peace out, dudes :)