17 August 2004

Yes, the biggest slacker ever does actually reside at youthminister.blogspot.com! I am in Florida, on assignment, if you will. I am doing a year long internship at Venice Presbyterian Church. I have a cable modem, so you think I'd update more often, but alas, the true slacker within comes out! I survived my first hurricane, Hurricane Charley, over the weekend, but am tracking Earl on his way through the Caribbean. I am the Director of Children's, Youth and Family Ministry at VPC and am looking forward to an exciting year. I'm tired now, so I am going to go to bed. Ok, truth be told, I'm going to go watch the Olympics before I go to bed... man are they messing up my schedule! Oh well, they're fun and they're only every two years and at different times... go USA (Michael Phelps)
Peace out, dudes :)

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