25 August 2005


I was going to blog about the frustration of pulling together my school schedule... but since no one can make comments to my blog... it's useless!
So, I guess I really don't have anything to blog about....
later tater

23 August 2005

what makes a date, a date?

so, I'm just wondering, what classifies an outing with someone as a date? comments would be greatly appreciated... too bad I still can't get the comments to work on my blog. stupid blog.
in other news... oh wait, there is no other news, really.
school starts in three weeks. i'm ready to get back to it, but a little frustrated with the process. being a commuter student is apparently taboo at columbia. the school is definately set up for on campus students. there are no conveinent (how do you spell that word) times to do anything if you have a job from 9-5 M-F. I tried emailing people and apparently they are either too busy to respond, or too busy to actually acquiesce to a request and simply have time to reply with "we don't have time to reply to this." seriously people, what are you so busy doing?! I mean, I work, I know what it's like, but I also know that many times throughout the day I have time to do stuff like this... and other things that aren't necessarily "work" related. But the things I am requesting are "work" related for these people and yet the ignore me. How hard is it to post syllabi on the web? I mean, is that really a difficult request for a school with a web page? I mean, I know we still haven't quite made it to 2005 in the whole computer realm, but we do have a web page... that's a decent start! And there are people on campus (few, but enough in important places) that realize not everyone who attends the school lives on campus and want to help, but the other people (the "Man" for example) think that we should drop everything and live on their time because we are students of said establishment.
Anyway... enough ranting about that subject.

Maggie is planning on moving out soon and really wants me to move with her. The problem is that she really only wants me to live with her until Decmeber- when Jamie moves back up from Florida. Not really keen on that idea. And besides... if Maggie moves out- I want her room! It's bigger and so is the bathroom (and the closet)! But we'll see. The free housing thing didn't work out and considering the pay rate and the job where I'm working (and will probably continue working instead of seeking other emplyment), there's no way I could afford to move out and pay all the other bills I have (yeah, for my car... boo for gas). So, I guess mom will have to suck it up a little longer.

Guess that's all for now. Hope all is well with you. :)

13 August 2005

whoever said 9 to 5 was the way to go?

After two weeks of this job thing, I have learned something very important about myself. I am NOT a 9 to 5 girl. While I know that I have to get some job to pay the bills, I've realized that this is not my favorite way to do that. I'll keep with it for now, but I'm definately looking for something else and also wondering if it's possible to be a youth minister outside the realm of 9 to 5. That's my latest thought on that.
On another note, I am sitting here with the cutest little puppy. She's a husky and I wish I could keep her, but she's just visiting. She's too cute!
That's about all for now... nothing new. Hope all is well with you.

08 August 2005


Well, folks, I finally did it. I got me one of them job things. It's temporary, but not sure how long. It's a friend from church. He is a lawyer. I'm just the lowly secretary. But it's a job. But having been at it for a week, I sort of realized that I hate the idea of a "job." Anything where someone expects you to be somewhere at a particular time to do who knows what for 8 hours is ridiculous! So, not thinking I really want one of these. Not sure what that says about church jobs... we'll see.
School starts in a month. Still haven't really figured out the whole schedule thing, but once school starts it will be easier to take care of.
Other than that, everything is pretty much the same. Oh, the monotony of it all!