30 June 2003

So, class wasn't so bad. Beth really thinks quite highly of Greek, and not so much of Hebrew, and we had a little trouble with that, but it won't interfere with learning. She's really excited about teaching Greek so that we'll be able to read the New Testament by the end. The main thing she kept telling us was "Don't get behind!!" We learned the alphabet, and then broke into small groups to practice. Tomorrow is our first quiz... over the alphabet, go figure. Well, it's back to being bored at the library... stop in if you're nearby!
Ok, the weekend has come and gone, and with the arrival of Monday, we begin Greek School. :( But before we move into Greek, let us reminice about the weekend. Well, last Friday, the girlies and I went to see Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. I really liked it, but others called it fluff. I guess I just liked the parts where the girls kicked butt (which, in case you didn't know, was the ENTIRE movie!). I'm hoping for a third installment, particularly to help explain a certain character (which I will not discuss, for lack of knowing if you've seen the movie).
Saturday, we had our last Mimosa Saturday with Noell for a few weeks. She departed early this morning for a well deserved vacation at home for six weeks. We will miss her greatly! After brunch, it was off to Carrollton for Jennifer's baby shower. I can't believe my friends are having baby showers! It's crazy! We got to see the new house, and Judy's new house as well. Fun times were had by all.
At home, we watched Moulin Rouge before heading to bed for the evening. My take on this movie: bizarre. I guess it's just a Baz thing.
Sunday, it was church as usual. I brought Teri along and I'm still not sure how she liked it. It was a little disappointing because we were late (as usual for me) but at least she got to hear Lane preach. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, on Saturday I began my two-week stint as a dog/house sitter. I'm hanging out with the Craigmile's two dogs, who are just great. We got to go to the dog park yesterday, and met Anna, a friend of theirs. After the park, I came home and napped for a bit (something must have been circulating in the house, because we were all napping). Had some dinner, watched Teri preach (on video) and then it was back to the Craigmile's to bed.
I actually managed to get up at 7:30 this morning to let the dogs out and get home in time to get ready for work. So here I sit, at the library, waiting for Greek school to arrive. The exiciting part of the morning was when Meg and Katie H. came in to send some email! I was very excited to see these two Furman friends, and hope that this year will be just awesome! Maybe there will be more single guys in this new class... eh?... ;)
Well, that's all for now. I'll have a full report of the first day of class later in the day! Hope your day goes well :)

26 June 2003

Well, here's what's been happenin since the last time we talked. Hmmm... well, I worked til 10 on Tuesday night and then Wednesday, had to work from 1-6. Work was SUPER boring... there were a bunch of us here, and nothing to do. But I couldn't leave early because I'd already signed my punch card with those hours! Soon enough, work was over, and it was out to dinner with the fam (minus Graham). We went to Brookwood, and while the food was great and so was the service, I was embarrased by my grandfather's attitude! Old people! (geesh)
Today, got up planning to go shopping for a baby gift around 11, ended up having to rescue mom at the airport a little sooner... she had locked herself out of the car (I don't think I've ever done that... it just seems like such a stupid thing to do... for those of us with keyless entry remotes, how does one lock the door without the keys?!). So, I had to drive to their house to get the key and then drive to the airport to give her the keys... then drive home to take a shower... then it was time for shopping.
Shopping was pretty good... and I managed to pick up some necessities at Target also but of course I didn't take my laptop to Best Buy so that I could get a new battery! I'm so retarded! Then I came home, had a quick popcorn snack before heading to work. And here I am.
We were planning on going to the Presbytery Young Adults thing, thinking it started at 8, but no... it starts at 6 and runs til 9... so it doesn't look like we're going to go. Oh well... why they would change the time, I have no idea... the last one was at 8... pooty heads!
Tomorrow, no work (yeah), but I've got to finish my laundry, clean the house, and read a little Greek before dinner with the Craigmiles (people I'm dogsitting for) and then a night out with the girls... Full Throttle, here we come!
Saturday, I'll be in Carrollton for Jennifer's baby shower, and Sunday at home for church. Hope you're weekend is just as rockin as mine! later kiddos :)

24 June 2003

Ah! Don't you just love the weekend! I know, it's Tuesday and you're thinking... where have you been!?! Well, let me tell you. After work Thursday night I went to mom and dad's to spend the night because Friday was an important Cobb Co. day. At 9 I had to drop off Ollie (that's my kitten) for her vaccines, and while I was at PetSmart, I bought her a traveling cage, a bed and a purple hippo (filled with catnip, of course). Then it was off for my massage. I had won a certificate at the RPC auction back in like February and just gotten around to using it! It was so nice! Then the dreadful part of the day was the two hours spent at the DMV to get a reprint of my lost license... and oh yeah, to get it reinstated. But at least it only cost $5... I think that was an error, but not mine, so I'll keep the rest of my money, thank you! Then it was home to meet the dogs that I'll be dog sitting starting this Saturday. They were cute and I'm looking forward to playing with them.
Came back to Decatur and then it was off to the HARRY POTTER RELEASE PARTY!!!! We went to the Borders on Ponce and since Amy was the only one who hadn't pre-ordered, she bought a copy and Noell read to us on the way home. I'm so excited!!!
Saturday morning was an early Mimosa breakfast before Teri and Amy and I headed to Johnson City for Ben and Rachel's wedding. It was beautiful!! Even the drive up was beautiful! We had lots of fun and got to meet more of the PC crowd. ANd of course, CTS was represented... got to see Abby! She looks great and plans to be back in the fall.
Went out Saturday night post-reception and talked to a good-looking guy from PC who is studying for the bar and working at a Columbia (SC) law firm. He seemed to take an interest in Teri... but slacker didn't get any info! Then we took Andrew to Perkins for a late night snack before turning in for the evening.
We got up Sunday morning and made a stop in Montreat before heading home. Teri and Amy had never been, so I HAD to take them. I was so glad to see that the Lake was still there... someone told me they had drained it for some reason like, building something! Not necessary! Everything was closed though, cause it was Sunday, which was a bummer, but we'll just have to make another trip! Then we made another stop at the outlet malls and got some great bargains before arriving home to the home cooking (mexican style) of Teri's mom. (btw... what is Teri's mom's name?!?!?!) Then it was time to read some more... after Noell went to bed, I borrowed her copy (mine still hadn't arrived) and stayed up til almost 5 reading! I wanted to finish, but I was just too exhausted from all the driving!
I was going to go with Teri and her mom to Six Flags on Monday, but with the late night reading, I didn't make it. Instead, I took back the company truck my dad had been borrowing and picked up my kitty (she spent the weekend at mom and dad's after the vet visit). Rode MARTA home (Ollie wasn't such a fan of MARTA...) and then worked last night. But I didn't get a chance to blog last night while at work because I couldn't put Harry Potter down long enough for the weekend update. Finished around 2am last night, and then got a good nights sleep before coming to work at 2 today. Working til 10 tonight, and then I don't know what I'll do with myself now that I finished Harry Potter! Guess I'll just go to bed!
Well, that's the latest... hope all is well with you! Have a great night :) (and go buy Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix if you haven't already!!)

19 June 2003

Well, they finally made it home! We stayed up til way late in the night talking and catching up. I'm so glad to finally have everyone home... too bad Noell's leaving in about a week... so sad! And the amazing thing about staying up late last night was that I got right out of bed when my alarm went off... that's so not me!
Umm... today is my last day of work this week!! Too bad it's a double shift day. Oh well... and tomorrow I'm getting a massage!!! Then we're heading off to Tennessee (Johnson City) on Saturday for Ben and Rachel's wedding... fun stuff... it'll be like a mini-CTS reunion! Well, that's all on the front here... back to work!

18 June 2003

So, heard some great news this morning... Ames and Teri will be home today!! Yippie... I'm so excited, and bummed at the same time, cause I'm stuck in the library until 10 tonight and I have to be here at 9:30 tomorrow... soon enough we'll get to play though!
Other than that, nothing new going on. Oh yeah, last night Noell made dinner and it was spectacular. We had pistacio crusted amberjack (fish) with mashed potatoes and sugar snap peas. Mmm... I was so full afterwards, I dreded coming back to the library to finish up work. But I survived. And it looks like I'm going to be dog/house sitting in a couple weeks! Yeah making money! Anybody got any odd jobs that need doing, for pay of course! I'm looking to make money, cause I AM POOR!! Anyway... I'm going to get back to work... hope all is well with you... night ;)

17 June 2003

Well, today was a great day! It was sleep-in-because-work-isn't-until-5pm-day! Had to take mom to the airport though at 1, so it wasn't a total waste of a day in bed. Finally got the shelf hung in the bathroom and got it cleaned before Amy returns. And now I'm at work... waitin til Noell calls so I can go home for some homecooked mmm, mmm goodness! I think I'm going to like this work until 10 thing, cause it means I get to sleep in, but Greek school is fast approaching. My books are on the way, so I can start studying soon. Hopefully it won't kill me and there will be someone worthwhile in class ;) Oh well... not much else going on here... bored waiting for the remainder of the chicas to return. Soon enough... have a good night :)

16 June 2003

Ah, aren't weekends refreshing!! And let me tell you, at our house they're are awesome! Yes, I'm talking about Mimosa Saturday. Noell can really cook! We had pancakes and bacon, and, of course, mimosas! Mmm, mmm, good!
Then we got our outlets fixed (the electrician came) and then we went shopping! We went to the Container Store, Target, and Filene's... which wasn't very exciting. Then I went home and had pizza with the girls and watched some Friends. You will not believe what a great deal I found on the complete season DVDs! $29.99!!! And each season is 4 DVDs!! I LOVE TARGET!! 'Cept I was looking at my reciept and noticed one was the wrong price, so I have to go back and get it changed.
Then I went to church on Sunday and watched Disney's Cadet Kelly before heading to Maggie's triple header. That's right... three in a row! It was a tournament and since they kept winning, they kept playing. But after that many games, they got tired and lost the final to come in second place. But they played well and it was fun to get to see her play again. Since that took all evening, I didn't get home until after 11 last night, and then got some cleaning done before heading to bed.
So, that was the weekend. This week is packed with library duty, the return of Teri and Amy, hopefully a massage ;) and then off to Tennessee for Ben and Rachel's wedding on Saturday! Hopes to be a fun filled week.
Well, I'm back to work... or really just sitting here looking for things to do (via surfing the internet!) Have an awesome day :)

13 June 2003

Well, after I left the library yesterday, I had the worst day! I lost my license a few weeks ago, and so I went to the DMV to replace it (can't just go to Kroger for that!) I waited for 45 minutes before I found out that there was a suspension on my license and I had basically just wasted my day away trying to find this place and sitting twiddling my thumbs for 45 minutes! And the worst thing is I thought that had been cleared up, but NOOOOOOOOOOO, they apparently send you some sort of receipt after you've paid the useless speeding ticket, and you're supposed to take that to the licensing office (along with $35) to get your license reinstated! Ugh... so, not only did I waste my time, but I really shouldn't be driving until I get this all taken care of, cause if I get pulled over, I might get arrested! Whoo-hoo (stupid freakin DMV!!!)
So anyway, I finally made it home to eat something (first time all day) around 4:30. Read some Harry Potter til Noell came home and then we watched Circle of Friends. It was so cute!!
Hopefully this weekend will be better! Heading to the lake for some sun, and then church on Sunday.
That should do it for today... waiting to get off work so I can go eat (see the common thread) Have a rockin weekend! :)

12 June 2003

I figure it's about time I join the bandwagon with my friends, Teri and Amy, and host a blogspot. So here I am, posting my first, well, post.
So, I guess the question of the day is: what's up with you?
I'm in the Columbia Seminary Library right now, my oh-so-exciting job for the summer. I basically sit around at the circulation desk doing NOTHING!! So, if you're nearby, come save me from utter boredom!
Other than that, I'm hanging out here in Decatur and back home in Roswell, where I frequent Roswell Presbyterian Church. I'm a volunteer with the youth group, and am currently on break from teaching a Bible study with my cool pal Louis! (shout out to Lou!)
I'm waiting for Teri and Amy to get their slow moving behinds back to the A-T-L so we can party like it's 1999... eh? Teri is currently driving back from WA in her Ford Explorer!! (yeah for surprises) and Amy is chillin the Woodlands, TX, waitin to preach on Sunday... you go girl. Unfortunately with my super cool (literally... it's like 63 degrees in here) job, I can't make it for the fun... bring me a tape! They should be here next week and then we're off to TN for a super fun wedding thrown by Ben and the soon-to-be Rachel Actin! Congrats guys!
Well, I think that's enough info for now. Hopefully I'll be better about my blog than my kick-butt roomie, Amy! ;) Have an awesome day and we'll catch ya on the flip side!