16 June 2003

Ah, aren't weekends refreshing!! And let me tell you, at our house they're are awesome! Yes, I'm talking about Mimosa Saturday. Noell can really cook! We had pancakes and bacon, and, of course, mimosas! Mmm, mmm, good!
Then we got our outlets fixed (the electrician came) and then we went shopping! We went to the Container Store, Target, and Filene's... which wasn't very exciting. Then I went home and had pizza with the girls and watched some Friends. You will not believe what a great deal I found on the complete season DVDs! $29.99!!! And each season is 4 DVDs!! I LOVE TARGET!! 'Cept I was looking at my reciept and noticed one was the wrong price, so I have to go back and get it changed.
Then I went to church on Sunday and watched Disney's Cadet Kelly before heading to Maggie's triple header. That's right... three in a row! It was a tournament and since they kept winning, they kept playing. But after that many games, they got tired and lost the final to come in second place. But they played well and it was fun to get to see her play again. Since that took all evening, I didn't get home until after 11 last night, and then got some cleaning done before heading to bed.
So, that was the weekend. This week is packed with library duty, the return of Teri and Amy, hopefully a massage ;) and then off to Tennessee for Ben and Rachel's wedding on Saturday! Hopes to be a fun filled week.
Well, I'm back to work... or really just sitting here looking for things to do (via surfing the internet!) Have an awesome day :)

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