13 June 2003

Well, after I left the library yesterday, I had the worst day! I lost my license a few weeks ago, and so I went to the DMV to replace it (can't just go to Kroger for that!) I waited for 45 minutes before I found out that there was a suspension on my license and I had basically just wasted my day away trying to find this place and sitting twiddling my thumbs for 45 minutes! And the worst thing is I thought that had been cleared up, but NOOOOOOOOOOO, they apparently send you some sort of receipt after you've paid the useless speeding ticket, and you're supposed to take that to the licensing office (along with $35) to get your license reinstated! Ugh... so, not only did I waste my time, but I really shouldn't be driving until I get this all taken care of, cause if I get pulled over, I might get arrested! Whoo-hoo (stupid freakin DMV!!!)
So anyway, I finally made it home to eat something (first time all day) around 4:30. Read some Harry Potter til Noell came home and then we watched Circle of Friends. It was so cute!!
Hopefully this weekend will be better! Heading to the lake for some sun, and then church on Sunday.
That should do it for today... waiting to get off work so I can go eat (see the common thread) Have a rockin weekend! :)

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