12 June 2003

I figure it's about time I join the bandwagon with my friends, Teri and Amy, and host a blogspot. So here I am, posting my first, well, post.
So, I guess the question of the day is: what's up with you?
I'm in the Columbia Seminary Library right now, my oh-so-exciting job for the summer. I basically sit around at the circulation desk doing NOTHING!! So, if you're nearby, come save me from utter boredom!
Other than that, I'm hanging out here in Decatur and back home in Roswell, where I frequent Roswell Presbyterian Church. I'm a volunteer with the youth group, and am currently on break from teaching a Bible study with my cool pal Louis! (shout out to Lou!)
I'm waiting for Teri and Amy to get their slow moving behinds back to the A-T-L so we can party like it's 1999... eh? Teri is currently driving back from WA in her Ford Explorer!! (yeah for surprises) and Amy is chillin the Woodlands, TX, waitin to preach on Sunday... you go girl. Unfortunately with my super cool (literally... it's like 63 degrees in here) job, I can't make it for the fun... bring me a tape! They should be here next week and then we're off to TN for a super fun wedding thrown by Ben and the soon-to-be Rachel Actin! Congrats guys!
Well, I think that's enough info for now. Hopefully I'll be better about my blog than my kick-butt roomie, Amy! ;) Have an awesome day and we'll catch ya on the flip side!

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