18 June 2003

So, heard some great news this morning... Ames and Teri will be home today!! Yippie... I'm so excited, and bummed at the same time, cause I'm stuck in the library until 10 tonight and I have to be here at 9:30 tomorrow... soon enough we'll get to play though!
Other than that, nothing new going on. Oh yeah, last night Noell made dinner and it was spectacular. We had pistacio crusted amberjack (fish) with mashed potatoes and sugar snap peas. Mmm... I was so full afterwards, I dreded coming back to the library to finish up work. But I survived. And it looks like I'm going to be dog/house sitting in a couple weeks! Yeah making money! Anybody got any odd jobs that need doing, for pay of course! I'm looking to make money, cause I AM POOR!! Anyway... I'm going to get back to work... hope all is well with you... night ;)

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