17 June 2003

Well, today was a great day! It was sleep-in-because-work-isn't-until-5pm-day! Had to take mom to the airport though at 1, so it wasn't a total waste of a day in bed. Finally got the shelf hung in the bathroom and got it cleaned before Amy returns. And now I'm at work... waitin til Noell calls so I can go home for some homecooked mmm, mmm goodness! I think I'm going to like this work until 10 thing, cause it means I get to sleep in, but Greek school is fast approaching. My books are on the way, so I can start studying soon. Hopefully it won't kill me and there will be someone worthwhile in class ;) Oh well... not much else going on here... bored waiting for the remainder of the chicas to return. Soon enough... have a good night :)

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