26 June 2003

Well, here's what's been happenin since the last time we talked. Hmmm... well, I worked til 10 on Tuesday night and then Wednesday, had to work from 1-6. Work was SUPER boring... there were a bunch of us here, and nothing to do. But I couldn't leave early because I'd already signed my punch card with those hours! Soon enough, work was over, and it was out to dinner with the fam (minus Graham). We went to Brookwood, and while the food was great and so was the service, I was embarrased by my grandfather's attitude! Old people! (geesh)
Today, got up planning to go shopping for a baby gift around 11, ended up having to rescue mom at the airport a little sooner... she had locked herself out of the car (I don't think I've ever done that... it just seems like such a stupid thing to do... for those of us with keyless entry remotes, how does one lock the door without the keys?!). So, I had to drive to their house to get the key and then drive to the airport to give her the keys... then drive home to take a shower... then it was time for shopping.
Shopping was pretty good... and I managed to pick up some necessities at Target also but of course I didn't take my laptop to Best Buy so that I could get a new battery! I'm so retarded! Then I came home, had a quick popcorn snack before heading to work. And here I am.
We were planning on going to the Presbytery Young Adults thing, thinking it started at 8, but no... it starts at 6 and runs til 9... so it doesn't look like we're going to go. Oh well... why they would change the time, I have no idea... the last one was at 8... pooty heads!
Tomorrow, no work (yeah), but I've got to finish my laundry, clean the house, and read a little Greek before dinner with the Craigmiles (people I'm dogsitting for) and then a night out with the girls... Full Throttle, here we come!
Saturday, I'll be in Carrollton for Jennifer's baby shower, and Sunday at home for church. Hope you're weekend is just as rockin as mine! later kiddos :)

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