08 March 2006

long lost blog

I talked to Noell last week. And it suddenly dawned on me how important writing about the nothingness going on in my life really is to my friends out there who worry about me. So, here I am, blogging to let you know that I am alive.
The quick update is this. I applied to Princeton Theological Seminary and am awaiting the response. I visited the campus a couple weekends ago and really liked it and could see myself there. We will just have to see if God sees me there too.
Ever since the whole MCA thing I have been kind of wondering around in a fog about life. Well, I want to get out of the fog. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated (as would enabling comments on my stupid blogger page!).
That's about all I know at the moment. I am going to veg out a little longer before going to bed. Tomorrow begins a long string of shifts at the restaurant. Gotta get some zzz's. Night.

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