10 February 2005


It's so much easiergoing west than coming back east. I had no trouble getting adjusted to Pacific time, but let me tell you... I've been home for, what, four days, and still I'm having trouble with this whole Eastern Standard junk! The last few days it hasn't been too bad because I haven't needed to be at work early, but this morning I had to be there by 9:30 and it just sucked! But I was totally tickled later in the day when Matthew Long walked by (he's like, 5) and said "hi, Reverend Katie." I was like... huh? "What did you call me" "Reverend Katie..." and I just giggled. Mr. Ed was there... he's the custodian (for lack of a more awesome description of the wonderful things he does around the church)... and he just said "he knows." It was... indescribable!
Well, think that's all for now... I really want to go to bed, but I have to help Mags with another paper. One day I will teach her the importance of not being a procrastinator. Later gator :)

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