03 November 2004

What? My Name is...

...Slacker. Yup, that's me! I want to blog more often. I want to keep you informed of what I'm doing in my life but amazingly enough most of the time I'm at the office I'm doing some form of work and when I get home, the computer is hidden away in my other office and I don't see it very much so I don't remember to blog. Please forgive me for neglecting you... I still love you!
I am annoyed with the current state of affairs and am considering moving to Australia. You can surmize on your own dime which state of affairs is causing me to desire running to a foreign country...
In my wonderful world, Christmas has already begun and I'm not liking it because I get mad at the stores and the television stations that think once Halloween is over (sometimes even before then) that it's time for Santa and Christmas trees. I want Christmas to be special again, but I'm not sure that is possible in my line of work. Speaking of which, I have to work on Christmas Eve which means I can't make my yearly 11pm date and means my weenie parents won't come visit me for Christmas. It's going to be so wierd and sad and plh. Damnit... now I feel the need to buy a tree and trim my home in festivities in order to raise my spirits! Bah... humbug!
Stupid America

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