24 May 2005

August is a busy month!

So, today is my friend Marilyn's birthday, the twelfth or so birthday of someone I know this month. I guess August is a good time to get busy! Anyway...
So much since my last post. I guess I should have posted my Greece stuff on here. Oh well... I'm upload it in another post (immediately following).
Since I've been back from Greece, I've just kind of been sitting around doing a whole lot of nothing, which isn't making my mother happy. I'm looking for a job, I promise, but no one is biting! I think I may have to resort to the back-ups: retail and restaurants. Bleh- no fun at all.
Been hanging out with people I haven't seen in awhile. Friends from high school like CJ, Michael, Chitra and Steve and Dave. Friends from college like David, Ziggy, and Jeff. Friends from church like Valerie. And of course, my seminary peeps- Ames, Terbear, Noellie, Alan, the list goes on for awhile... It's been awesome to see these people again. I kinda wish I hadn't gone away. Oh well... moving into the future.
Right now I'm dog/housesitting at Christy and David's house. It's in Acworth. Libby was very sad the first day or so, but she's made the adjustment to hanging out with "Aunt" Katie. We're having a good time. I think I'm going to head to the Johnson's house later today to stay closer to home, with some other things that are going on this week. Lunch tomorrow with mom and Charlotte, who is like my third grandmother. She and her husband, Bob, are moving next week to Indiana. I am sad, but happy at the same time because they will be closer to their family. They will be missed! On Friday I am having lunch with Sue from school. She just graduated! And maybe on Thursday I'm doing something with Valerie. Oh yeah... and this weekend is Dixie at the lake, which means back to Acworth on Friday night to hang out with lake peeps, family, and friends. And Sunday is the 2nd annual Lott Memorial Day BBQ. And I'm sort of in charge since CJ and David are out of town this week (lucky kids on a cruise!). It will be fun!
Oh yeah... I joined the gym last week. Graham and Maggie are both members and we're going to take a spinning class today! It should be interesting- and probably a little painful. But as Diana used to say, no pain, no pleasure (her version of no pain, no gain).
Oh well, that's all for this one. Going to work on the Greece post now. later dudes :)

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