14 August 2013

runDisney meet ups are meant to be FUN!

As the runDisney fever heats up this week for those of us heading to Disneyland in just 16 short days for one of two west coast events, I thought I'd reflect back on where I was last year, gearing up for the weekend, and my Coast-to-Coast experience of meet ups.  Today's post will be about the Disneyland Weekend Meet Up.  Stay tuned for the follow up on my Coast-to-Coast follow up at the Wine & Dine Meet Up!

Originally, I wasn't scheduled to get in to Anaheim until later on Friday.  But I had heard of these meet ups from a CM friend, and knew the drill of keeping an eye on the blog for the post.  I had been fortunate enough to get in to one the year before when Wine & Dine race weekend was earlier, and there was a Haunted Mansion Meet Up party to celebrate the newly expanded cue.  I refreshed and refreshed, and as soon as that notice popped up, I sent in my email and eagerly awaited the announcement later in the afternoon.  I can't remember how I knew when to look at the blog, just that I got there at the right moment.  Luckily, I was able to talk the airline into changing my flight to Thursday night, so I could get there in time for the meet up!  I had first read that it was at 6pm - not 6am - and thought I was ok.  But everything was set right and I was on my way.

I got in to Anaheim pretty late on Thursday and just crashed at my hotel before getting up early to run over to the park.  Yes, I didn't have a car, and my hotel was a couple miles from the park, so I literally ran over.  I didn't have the best directions once I got on property, but seeing this sign really pumped me up!  I got there just as there were finishing up introductions and getting ready for the run. I quickly put on the runDisney meet up uniform, and off we went, through Downtown Disney and into the parks!


 I had been to Disneyland once before, but I was super excited about our morning run through the castle, because this is the iconic runDisney image, and since my only other runDisney event before this was Wine & Dine, I hadn't run through a castle yet.  It was SO amazing, even though Sleeping Beauty's castle is so much smaller than Cinderella's!

I HAD to get my own photo in front of the
castle! Wasn't planning on stopping during
the race
After our journey through Magic Kingdom, we headed across the plaza to California Adventure.  I hadn't been in this park on my previous trip to Disneyland, but I'm glad I hadn't seen it before.  I had seen all the talk about the new CarsLand, but I was about to experience it in the quiet of the morning, with 50 of my new best friends!  Y'all - it was AMAZING.  I'm putting up only one picture, because if you haven't seen it - you just have to see it!

We headed off through the rest of the park, and then pulled in to the Hyperion Theater (I think) to hear from the special guests.  I of course had to get my photos with runDisney trainer - and Olympic marathoner - Jeff Galloway, as well as my favorite mouse of all time, Mickey!

The runDisney crew was kind enough to pick up our packets, so we could skip the lines at the expo.  I LOVE this design and can't wait to see what this years' shirts look like, especially since running has caused last years' shirt to be too big on me!  I have to say - the best part of the morning was heading over to Flo's V8 Cafe after the talk time, to grab a yummy breakfast of french toast and coffee (compliments of the runDisney crew) before heading in to the park for a fun filled day!  If you can get into a meet up, it's totally worth it - but definitely balance out the craziness of the meet up stalk with your own training plan.  After all, as you can see - there's quite a bunch of crazy folks gathered together at an insane hour of the morning to enjoy this fun with!

 Hope to see you all at Disneyland at some point - whether the official runDisney meet up, or one of the many other meet ups planned, or even on the course!  I'm off to do my 13.1 training run after yesterday's 10K - Dumbo Double Dare Challenge, here I come!

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Chris Talley said...

Kind of bummed that I'm going to miss out again. Thanks for sharing the recap so I can live vicariously through others.