15 October 2013

Climate Ride Recap - Day 4

When we last met, I was not feeling well and spent a lot of the night tossing and turning and wanting to throw up (sorry for all the details). Day four was going to be our hilliest day by far, and when I woke up in the morning, I realized that the smart thing to do would be to ride in the van until lunch instead of trying to push myself for 44 miles.  

I was really disappointed to have to take this route.  But since I wasn't feeling well, there was no way I was going to be able to properly fuel for a day of hills.  And with the #crazylady plan continuing there was no way I was going to risk getting even more sick or injured and missing out on my other events for the fall.  

I was sad watching everyone roll out of camp that morning, but glad that I wasn't alone in the van with the support team.  There were three other riders who were having to take it easy that morning and we enjoyed being part of the support team, cheering on our fellow riders who were tackling some tough hills. At one point we had to stop for a rider that just wanted some heat on her toes.  Did I mention how cold it was in the morning?!  

I was especially bummed to miss riding over the Susquehanna River and along the Mason-Dixon Line but I did get some great pictures as we drove by!
When we got to the lunch stop, I managed to eat a cheese sandwich and some other food.  It was only 20 miles to camp for the night, and it was kinda fun to get back on the road so early after the lunch stop.  As I was heading out, I told Blake, the ride director, what my plan was and he let me know that if I couldn't make it I may have to wait awhile for a ride.  I was confident I could make it, so I headed out.  

In order to make it to camp, I did have to conquer one major hill.  At the morning talk, Blake warned everyone about the hill, but since I didn't make it to breakfast I just heard about it at lunch.  I knew when I saw this church that the hill was coming up.  It was a TOUGH hill and of course when the official photos come out, I'm sure I'm going to find the one Kip snapped of me walking up the hill. Sometimes it's the only way to make it! But I crested that hill and it was only 6 more miles to camp!!

I kept a pretty good pace and made it to camp around 3pm - the earliest I had arrived at camp all week.  It was so cool to get in early, get settled in my super cool cabin, grab a shower and just relax.  It turned out one of the women that was in the van with me in the morning - turned out it was all ladies - had pneumonia! She said she wasn't contagious, but that the doctor told her she couldn't finish the ride.  She was bummed, but luckily as a Washingtonian, we were close enough that her partner could come pick her up. I was just thankful she really wasn't contagious!!

As this was our last evening together, it was a great time for getting to know people and connecting, so many of us gathered around the campfire until way too late.  Who can say no to s'mores and beer?  It was also amazing to be in a place to see the stars and Blake used his astronomy knowledge to talk to a group of us about the constellations.  

We obviously had a great time considering what the recycling bin looked like as I was on my way back to my cabin to hit the hay for the night!  Oh, I forgot to mention dinner.  This was our third night in a row of chicken and I was OVER it!  When someone came over with a plate of quinoa, I was pumped that there was another source of protein and since everyone had already gone through the line, I was not stealing any of the vegetarians food! It was so tasty.  I was starting to get really excited about my post race meal plan!

It was sad to think it was all coming to an end the next day.  At dinner Blake gave us a heads up about the super important talk in the morning about the day's ride, which included making it to the Thompson Boat Center by 3:30 for the group ride into DC and up to the Capitol.  I was super excited to ride in DC and was really looking forward to the final day of the ride.  

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