15 April 2014

Training Tuesday - Final Week

This week's workouts:

Tuesday, April 8:
Speed work - last speed work session of the training period.  Seriously, y'all - this is happening.  I'm running the BOSTON MARATHON!!!  AHHHHH!!!!
1mi repeats x3 with 400m recovery between sets
10:13, 10:27, 10:12 - pretty on-target for a 4:30 marathon finish time!!

Wednesday, April 9:
No official workout, but did take the munch on a walk
2.48mi in 51:32, pushing a stroller with a super cute kid in it.
(this was also the day there was an older man on the trail that needed assistance, so we stopped and helped, as well as helped the EMTs find where we were)

Thursday, April 10:
Took another walk with the munch AND did my easy run with Jason after work.
Walking: 3.19mi in 1:04:35, pushing a stroller again.
Easy 5: 5mi in 57:32.  Avg pace: 11:28mm.  Intervals of 3:00/0:45.  Explored part of the Beltline Trail.

Friday, April 11:
Last hill workout before Boston!! Seriously - is this for real?!  Conquered the mamajama hill this week, with one final hill sprint to finish it off.
Total: 6.0mi in 1:04:34.  Avg pace: 10:45.  No set intervals, just pushing up the hills and taking a few walk breaks.

Saturday, April 12:
Cross training on the bike
10.73mi in 49:30.  Avg speed: 13.00mph.  Cadence: 57rpm

Sunday April 13:
Last long run of training.  Seriously people - I'm running the BOSTON MARATHON next week!!! AHHH!!!
8.01mi in 1:31:35.  Avg pace: 11:24.  Intervals of 3:00/0:45.
Took 30bits before run.  Had Cherry Limeade Nuun on run.  It was HOT and I did not have enough water.  Probably could have used a little more fuel too...

Monday, April 14:
rest day

Winner of three GNC Lean Shake Protein Powder tubs: Lauren H.  Congrats!!

Y'all - I am FREAKING out over here.  This time next week, I will be a Boston Marathon FINISHER! Seriously, I cannot believe it's really here.  I am so super excited and so thankful for you for following along on this journey.  If you want to follow me during the race, my bib is 34886.

I am super excited to reconnect with some of my #CorralG buddies this weekend and spend time together, but beyond thrilled that I will get to conquer the miles with Linzie and Adam by my side.

I'll start packing tomorrow and I'm taking a few of my favorite "friends" with me:
-Ink n Burn apparel for the run and for hanging out at the Red Sox game
-Mizuno Wave Riders and Feetures socks to run in
-Yurbuds to keep in touch with my RunKeeper and any incoming support via Facebook and Twitter
-energyBITS to fuel me through the whole weekend
-Nuun to keep me hydrated
-Handana to swipe away the tears at the finish
-110% Compression gear (juggler knickers and calf sleeves) for recovery
-AND SUNBLOCK!! I will NEVER forget sunblock AGAIN!
WDW Marathon Sunburn!

At this point, that's about all I have... I may have another post before the race, but if not, check back for my recap of the Boston Marathon coming next week!!

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