08 December 2003

At long last- the NYWC update!

Well, flew in to St. Louis Thursday around lunchtime. Met Louis, Emily and Kelly at the airport and we rode the (very slow) MetroLink into the city. We grabbed some lunch at the food court of a very run-down mall right across from the convention center. Afterwards we checked out the city before heading back to our (very nice) hotel to catch the first good-bye interview with the Friends cast on Oprah. I had a coffee break meeting with Mark DeVries to discuss possible internship locations while the gang went out to dinner. Afterwards I was waiting for them to return, when Marilyn (roommate number 1) showed up and we went off attempting to find something to eat at 10pm in St. Louis! This proved more difficult than imaginable. We walked all around the city, and ended up running into Elizabeth (rommate number 2) at TGIFriday's... about 30 minutes after the kitchen had closed. So we decided to order pizza.

Friday morning we slept in and then went to lunch with Molly (roommate number 4) and her co-worker Tommy at a little Mexican place in downtown. It was good (and so was the service). Then we headed over for the first general session. Andy Stanley was the speaker, and he was good. Chris Tomlin provided the praise band music... he was good! (I'm feeling like I might need the schedule to finish the line-up stuff)

We checked out the Arch (at Sunset)... aside from the swaying, it was cool. We had an awesome steak dinner (care of Carmine's) on Saturday night. Met some interesting people (Lousiana boys, here's your shout-out). St. Louis is an interesting city... not a lot of good (service and food) places to eat in a city with a convention center that holds a convention of 5000+ (plus others). We had a hard time eating on some occasions... but the conference was awesome, my roomies ROCKED, and I can't wait til next year! (Oh yeah, and I learned a lot of cool things!)

Check back for the line-up stuff... peace

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