23 December 2003

I'm so tired! I am at the library, of course, doing nothing! There's nothing exciting to report... I lead a boring life. The semester is finally over and I've managed to turn everything in! Whoohoo... grades will come out at some point and it won't be so whoohoo anymore, but oh well!
I'm dogsitting this week for the Craigmile's and also keeping an eye on Tillie and Ollie... it's quite an animal friendly week! Everyone has left, leaving me to fend for myself, but I'm getting by. Teri comes back Friday, Noell on Saturday and Amy next Tuesday. I'll be home at some point for Christmas, although now I'm not sure if I'll be staying there because of the doggies. It's all more complicated than I thought it would be. But I'll manage!
I probably won't be back on before Christmas, so let me say Merry Christmas!! (and Happy New Year, cause I probably won't be back on next week even though I'll be here Monday and Tuesday)
Have a wonderful holiday :)

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