08 September 2004

What DCE really means...

Can I just tell you that Christian Education is never simple, never just "hey, let's pick out some curriculum for our classes," never that rich piece of cake. No, no, my friends, Christian Education is NOT a box of chocolates! It's a lot of work and it cannot be done by one person alone. It's a team effort and the team should consist of everyone in the church, not just the DCE and the members of the Christian Ed Committee (or whatever you choose to call it).
The church world is just as political and business-like as any secular corporation. Groups are vying for space and time and supplies and people. The elusive bowl of cherries still remains, well, elusive.
I am learning many things here during this little thing we like to call an internship. Life is indeed interesting and a learning experience. Keep that in mind til next time, kids!
Peace :)

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