08 March 2005

Packing... plh

why is packing always so dreadful! I decided to start packing today. I got almost everything in the office packed. It's just so complicated to make everything fit well. I feel like the boxes should be tightly packed instead of having all the extra space that they have because my stuff doesn't fit into them better. But at least I've gotten started. And as I've gotten started it becomes an overwhelming thought as to how many boxes I will have to pack to get all my crap into them. I have starting cleaning out some stuff and getting rid of junk that I've been holding on to for awhile. Just lots of useless stuff that as a pack rat I felt it was necessary to hold on to. But I don't want to be that person anymore. So, I threw it away. Well... most of it anyway ;)
I put up an add by the mailboxes about some furniture I'm selling and today a lady came by to look at some of it. After she left I realized how much more stuff should be on that list or at least will end up at Goodwill. Lamps, rugs, luggage, vacuum cleaner, golf clubs.... I feel like I should have a "garage" sale! And I didn't even realize I had this stuff cause it was hiding in closets I rarely go into!
Well, I think that's all for now. Catch ya later :)

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