29 November 2013

Where Oh Where Have I Been??

I have been absent, I know, but for good reason.  You see, as I was sitting in the airport, working on my computer and hydrating after an amazing first fall marathon, a tragedy occurred.  I had my water bottle open while my Nuun fizzed, and I must have bumped the table because the next thing I knew, half the contents of my water bottle were all over the table - AND MY LAPTOP!  I immediately grabbed the computer and put it safely out of the way so I could clean up my mess.  A few hectic moments later, I picked up the computer and the screen was off.  I figure it had just gone to sleep since I hadn't been using it for almost 10 minutes... so I wiggled the mouse (well, I mean, wiggled my finger on the trackpad) and nothing happened.  Still not panicking, I thought maybe the battery died since I wasn't really paying attention to the battery life.  So I went and plugged it in... to no avail.  It appeared that my computer had gotten some Nuun-water inside... but I wasn't really sure.  I mean, I was at the airport!

So, I did what any person would do - I went immediately to the Apple Store (I had a MacBook).  Well, immediately in the sense that I got on my plane from Chicago to Little Rock and once my friend picked me up I broke the news that I had a minor emergency and needed to go have my computer inspected.  Once we got there, it was about an hour wait to see a "genius" so we tooled around the shopping center waiting for the appointed time.  Much to my disappointment, the genius diagnosed my trouble as water damage.  He took the hard drive and RAM out to dry and suggested I let it air out for a few days and see what happened... in the meantime I needed some sort of device to prepare my presentations on for the conference I was attending in Little Rock so I picked up an iPad.

Low and behold, the computer never revived and the blogger app does not get along well with photos.  So, that is why I have been mysteriously absent from blog world.  I have so much to recap.  I finally finished up the Climate Ride recaps, but I haven't recapped any of my running events from my #90daysofinsanity, so I know I owe those to you.  I promise to work on them soon... but at the top of my priority list for using this laptop I have for my contract work is to turn in my paper for the class I was in Chicago for in the first place!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I know I did :)

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