02 December 2013

Boston Aspirations

So, in October this year I finished my first World Marathon Major - the Chicago Marathon.  All the hype about this race being one of the big six really got me excited to run ALL the races!  And so I devised a plan... run one event each year for the next five years, and then the year I turn 40 - run Boston.  I can't think of a more amazing way to celebrate - and look forward to 40 - than qualifying for and running the world's most elite marathon.

As I started doing my research, I realized most of the events are in the spring, with Chicago and New York being the only fall events.  Which means, New York is my only 2014 option... and the lottery opens TODAY!  Now, I could wait until March to apply, but if I go ahead and put my name in today, I could win a guaranteed entry!  I'd still have to pay the WHOPPING $216 (wait, actually $255 since I'm not a NYRR member!)- but I'd know tomorrow that I had a spot.  Hmmm... the dilemma.

I also spent part of my drive down to Florida for Space Coast on Friday discussing my plans with my dad.  And considering what I would need to do to get down to the ~3:40 qualifying time.  My current marathon PR is 5:22:11, so I need to drop 1:42:11.  I did manage to drop 1:30:15 between my first and second official races, but that's because the first was Disney.  Not thinking I'll be able to just drop that much again without some serious training - and not just running.  However, I've got some time if my plan is to do Boston at 40.

What I did realize is that I have a plan to participate in Space Coast for each of the Big Bang Series years, and it's supposed to be a great BQ course.  Which means, I could sign up to do the full in 2017 - the last year of the series - which would be perfect timing to qualify me for Boston in 2019 - the year I turn 40!!  When we got to Florida, I headed out for my #rwrunstreak mile of the day and did an 8:30 pace.  According to pacing charts, a 3:40 marathon is an 8:24mm pace.  So I just need to keep up the pace I ran for that mile (roughly) for 25.2 more miles!  Piece of cake... right?!  At least I know what I'm aiming for.

So, here's hoping 2014 means running NYC Marathon, and then 2015 - Berlin? Tokyo? London? Guess it's time to renew my passport, eh?

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Jill Barnes said...

I love the dreaming and planning! Swoon, I might be living vicariously through your races next Fall so I hope you get into NY.