09 December 2013

ENERGYbits Brand Ambassador

 Recently I became one of the newest ENERGYbits® Brand Ambassadors!  I am so excited to have a product to share with you that I believe in myself and that I was introduced to from a fellow runner I trust.  I wanted to tell you a little bit about this new partnership and what it means for me and you.

I am constantly looking for the best information and natural products that help you stay fit and healthy, so I am thrilled to be introducing you to ENERGYbits®. ENERGYbits® high concentration of protein provide a steady stream of energy that prevents fatigue and their high concentration of antioxidants and Essential Fatty Acids (like Omega 3) reduce inflammation and muscle soreness.  Remarkably ENERGYbits® have just one ingredient, organically grown spirulina algae. Not only has spirulina algae been a favorite of Olympic athletes for decades, it is the most environmentally sustainable food in the world, has been endorsed for thirty years by the United Nations and NASA and is only ONE calorie!  And you all know how much I love sustainable things AND NASA!!

I started taking ENERGYbits® a few weeks ago on a regular basis and I have noticed a difference.  I checked in with my fellow ambassador SeeSharpRun about his daily plan and began following a similar plan of 30 bits with breakfast - my vitamin for the day.  For Thanksgiving, I drove from VA to Atlanta on Wednesday, November 20 since I would be dogsitting for some friends starting the following day.  I love going home to Atlanta, but it always means cramming in as much as I can in terms of visiting friends, grabbing meals at my favorite local spots, and of course running.  This trip was no different, and especially with the added benefit of hanging out with two precious doggies, it was a busy, tiring one.  I ran a half marathon on Thanksgiving morning with my ATL BRF, Jason, and then hung out with my family the rest of the day.  On Friday I hopped in the car and headed down to Florida for the Space Coast Half Marathon that Sunday.  On Monday I was back in the car for the all-day drive to Virginia.  I will recap those events in a separate post, but I include all that to say - I did not get sick!  The temp at the start of the Thanksgiving Day half was around 23 degrees and then I got to Florida where it was around 70 degrees and humid.  Normally temperature changes like that, not to mention the exhaustion of all that I was doing over those 10 days would make me feel a little weak.  But being #poweredbybits, I was able to get everything done I wanted to get done AND get back home feeling ready to conquer my busy week of work.  I can honestly say, I don't think this would have been the case if I wasn't regularly taking bits. 

I’m not aware of anything that offers your body and the environment the blend of benefits you get from ENERGYbits® so I am excited to be working with them.  They are great for increasing your race performance, but don't neglect the idea of using them as a daily vitamin.  SeeSharpRun also uses Recovery bits regularly, so I'm hoping to add those to my regimen to stay healthy this winter/holiday season. 

I hope you’ll try them soon and when you do, use my promotional code PREACH to get a 25% DISCOUNT!  You can only purchase them online at www.energybits.com so when you check out, just enter discount code PREACH into the coupon box and your discount will immediately show up on screen. The discount works on all products.

I'll soon be getting my own batch of samples to share, so keep an eye out on the blog for my first giveaway and your chance to see why so many of us are #poweredbybits!

The company explains why ENERGYbits®are so popular with runners, athletes and fitness enthusiasts: When a handful of ENERGYbits® are swallowed 10 -15 minutes prior to a workout, race, game or run, they provide a steady flow of energy, eliminate fatigue and speed recovery, all naturally and all without digestive distress.  The reason is simple. ENERGYbits® do not contain any caffeine, sugar or chemicals yet they have the highest concentration of protein in the world (64%), all in amino acid form which are absorbed instantly to provide a steady flow of glucose. ENERGYbits® also contain 40 vitamins/minerals, natural nitric oxide to open blood vessels, antioxidants to fight free radicals, Omega 3 to reduce inflammation, iron to prevent fatigue and electrolytes to prevent dehydration. All this from just one ingredient –organic spirulina and all for just one calorie per tab.   

For more information or to buy yours, please visit:

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