25 February 2014

Training Tuesday - Ink n Burn review

Here's this week's recap:

Tuesday, February 18:
5 miles in 56:31.  Avg pace: 11:17mm.  Intervals of 3/:45.  A little faster than what the schedule called for, but it was a bit chilly getting started, and it was a great day to just run.  Didn't pay much attention to the watch.

Wednesday, February 19:
Round of disc golf with friends.

Thursday, February 20:
Rest day.  Travel to Jacksonville.

Friday, February 21:
2.21miles in 29:05.  No real plan on this, just running with cool people for the #runDONNAmeetup.  Got to meet Donna Deegan, namesake of the 26.2 with Donna, the National Marathon for Breast Cancer, and Joan Benoit-Samuelson, the first women's Olympic marathon gold medalist.

Saturday, February 22:
Rest day. Worked at expo.

Sunday, February 23:
26.43miles in 5:37:51.  Ran the 26.2 with Donna marathon.  The weather started out great, but then turned sour around mile 21 when it started raining.  Began with 2:30/1:00 intervals, but ended up walking most of the last 6 miles due to the weather and tight muscles.  Recap to follow.

Monday, February 24:
Rest day.  Travel to Washington, DC.

Last week's winner of a 4-pack of Nuun (your choice) is: Ramona S.  Congratulations!!

This week I want to talk about Ink n Burn.  I was recently named a new ambassador for Ink n Burn and I am so excited to be a representative of this great company!

My #CorralG bestie Linzie first introduced me to Ink n Burn.  Their gear is fabulously awesome and amazingly stylish.  When I was out in California for the Disneyland Dumbo Challenge weekend last year, Linzie made sure I went to the InB tent sale and I stocked up!  I had gotten my first piece - the Cherry Blossom tech t-shirt - back in April to wear for my first Cherry Blossom 10-miler.  At the sale, I added two skirts, three more tech t-shirts, and a long sleeve shirt.

Me and Ambassador Linzie rocking our
Ink n Burn for 26.2 with Donna

The artwork on all InB pieces is beautiful and even the ones that aren't "my style" are visually stunning.  Here's what the company has to say about the artwork:

Not only is it striking and vibrant, we also choose subject matter that is meaningful to us. It isn't just a picture; it says something about what is important to us. For instance, our Flutter design was inspired by the butterfly - seemingly delicate and fragile thing, but some are known to travel over 2,500 miles over the course of their lifetime. The surprising strength, beauty and endurance in that little body is inspiring to us and made great subject matter for our apparel. For many the butterfly is also a symbol of metamorphosis.

The other thing that is great about InB is the actual product.  Their apparel is so comfortable, yet durable.  And it goes great from a run to an outing.  I loved pulling on my InB stuff after the Disneyland 10K and going to the parks in it.  I've also added the Brave capris to my wardrobe and rocked those a few times for Christmas.  Another share from the company about the product:

First of all, we make everything at our warehouse in Southern California with mature, experienced US workers.   We start with the best quality technical performance fabrics we can find.  We buy all white fabric to use as our canvas and then cut each panel needed to make up the garment. 

Almost every seam in our tech shirts is sewn twice to ensure strength and also to ensure the seams are flat in any places where they might chafe or rub.  The neckband on the back of our shirts contains the usual tag info back of your neck, without a scratchy tag.  We use the softest threads available to be sure our shirts are the most comfortable you will ever wear.

All of our styles are tested on ultra runners at extreme distances.  While we started designing for ultra runners, we now have people running in our apparel for all distances, as well as yoga, golf, tennis, MMA, crossfit and biking to name just a few.  We recently heard that our apparel is a favorite for surgeons to wear under their scrubs in the OR because of their comfort and breathability!

So, to recap, Ink n Burn is a fashionable product, manufactured here in the USA, made of quality materials that will last.  If you haven't tried Ink n Burn yet, I highly recommend checking it out.  And the awesome thing is I have a discount code for first timers available - create your Ink n Burn account, and use code 'INBKP14' to get 15% off your first order.  And remember - you always get free shipping with orders of $150!

Linzie, me, and Marcia on course rocking Ink n Burn

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