18 February 2014

Training Tuesday - Nuun giveaway

Here's a (brief) recap of this week's workouts:

Tuesday, February 11:
Snopocalyse has returned.  That and my lethargy after a long day at work.  No workout today.

Wednesday, February 12:
Thought I was going to get on the bike today... but no.

Thursday, February 13:
Finally got on the bike!  Snow continues to plague us, so this was the only way I was getting in a workout - at least until the weekend.
Broke it up into three segments, mainly because of a few issues getting going, but also, riding the trainer is HARD!
Segment 1: 15min, Avg Cadence 54.41, Avg HR 142
Segment 2: 15min, Avg Cadence 70.40, Avg HR 139
Segment 3: 30min, Avg Cadence 70.48, Avg HR 137
For some reason, the TomTom doesn't register speed and distance inside, even with cadence sensor (and correct wheel size).  I thought that not having the wheel size input was why it wasn't registering during the first segment, so I stopped to fix that.  Then it didn't work on the second segment either.  For the third, I finally got my iPad to connect to the wireless so I could do a BitGym workout.

Friday, February 14:
5 miles in 51:46.  Avg pace: 10:20mm.  Intervals of 3:00 running, 0:45 walking.

Saturday, February 15:
9 mile bike ride in 48:50.  Avg speed: 11.2mph
Apparently, you cannot do cadence AND speed.  So my TomTom information is not helpful, but I did use RunKeeper.  It was much colder/windier than I anticipated, so cut it short because my hands and feet were going numb.

Sunday, February 16:
So excited to get out again with Jason for my long run this week.  We ventured to another new venue - this time the Alpharetta Greenway.  End to end it was perfect for this week's 8 miles.
Ran 8 miles in 1:35:18. Avg pace: 11:50mm.  Intervals of 3:00 running, 0:45 walking.

Monday, February 17:
Rest day!

I realized I've been a little long-winded in the last few posts, so I'm going to try to be quick this week.

I wanted to share my love of Nuun this week.  What's Nuun you ask?  It is an electrolyte replacement tab - just toss one in to your REUSABLE water bottle, and let it fizz for two minutes.  Now you're ready to go with a sugar free electrolyte beverage.

A lot of my friends have been avid Nuun users for awhile.  I wasn't sold on the idea for the longest time.  When I first started running, I relied on blue Powerade to replenish my fluids after a run.  Then I shifted to Powerade Zero, although Diet Diva Tara said not to drink the diet versions, because you need the real stuff.  I think I had tried Nuun when I worked at Big Peach, but it was a flavor I wasn't really fond of, so I never ended up making the switch.

Last year, on one of my visits to run with Krissy (back when we both lived in Virginia), she had Kona Kola Nuun.  It was right after that flavor had come out and everyone was talking about how it tasted like Coke!  Well, she was gracious enough to share a tab with me.  It wasn't the same as Coke, but I could see how the fizz was making people say that.  And this time the flavor was a little better.  My marathon friend Jill also let me try some when we went to hot yoga together, and this time I found a flavor I really liked - Strawberry Lemonade.  I also keep Watermelon and Cherry Limeade (caffeinated) in my stock, but Strawberry Lemonade is my ABSOLUTE favorite.  When I see Nuun at an expo, I try some of the other flavors, but I always come back to Strawberry Lemonade.

I am now a Nuun convert - even becoming an official "Nuun Fan" this year!  I typically have at least one water bottle of Nuun each day, and especially make sure to have it with me on a long run.  I am super excited to be able to GIVEAWAY a four-pack of your choice to the winner of my Rafflecopter giveaway.  What are you waiting for?

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Ramona S said...

I like a lot. Strawberry Lemonade is one of the ones I like also. I also like Fruit Punch. Its sort of grown on me. lol

bookgirl said...

I have only ever tried their grape flavor and it was good but I would like to try some of their other flavors.