25 March 2014

Training Tuesday - 110% Flat Out Sox Review and Giveaway

This week's workouts:

Tuesday, March 18:
Speek work: 1mi warm up, 1mi cool down.  3x1mi repeats with 400m recovery.
9:58, 10:21, 9:43.  Overall, on track for a 4:30:00 marathon finish time, although not consistent
Barre3 workout: 10min Runner's Workout: Arms and Legs

Wednesday, March 19:
Barre3 workout: 60min Studio Burn.

Thursday, March 20:
with everything going on this weekend, I needed to switch up my schedule.  Worked expo set up for the Publix Georgia Marathon event and then went to BPRC Midtown to run from there.  Because of when I finished expo set up, I did 9 solo miles, and the last 6 with the group for a total of 15 miles, with about a 20min break between segments.
15mi in 2:49:20.  Avg pace: 11:16mm.  Intervals of 3:00/0:45.
Barre3 rest day

Friday, March 21:
Hill workout today.  Not as many miles as I'd hoped to fit into my "midweek miles" distance, but as usual I ran out of time before I had somewhere to be.
4.71mi in 56:38.  Avg pace: 12:01mm.  Tried to run up the hills, do a walk recovery, and sprint back down.
Unplanned Barre3 rest day because the day was so long.

Saturday, March 22:
"easy 5mi" turned into a somewhat hilly 6 since Jason and I joined in on the BPRC Saturday morning group run.
5.57mi in 59:45.  Avg pace: 10:43mm.  Intervals of 3:00/0:45.  Running with Dave definitely pushed the pace.
Ended up not taking stuff to the hotel for Barre3, so another rest day.

Sunday, March 23:
continuing to switch things up, today was my "rest day" - although I did manage 30,266 steps...

Monday, March 24:
had planned on getting in my bike ride today, along with getting back to Barre3 - but sadly none doing.  Oh well, I think I had a good week none the less.

So, you may be looking at the recap and wondering what the heck I had going on this weekend that threw everything out of whack.  Well, here in Atlanta we were hosting the Publix Georgia Marathon and Half-Marathon weekend full of fun.  As a Big Peach employee (our awesome local running store) and a fanatic of 110% gear, I had the privilege of working the expo for the 110% booth in conjunction with Peachy Jr., our expo booth.  Here's a break down of the "weekend" starting Thursday -
Thursday, 10am-4pm, expo set up.  Meet up with the 110% marketing manager Jenna to get the gear for the booth, then head down to the Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC) to set up the booth with the Big Peach crew.  After the set up, run 15 miles (as mentioned above)
Friday, morning speed work before heading off to work the expo from 11-7.
Saturday, easy 5 miles before heading to the expo to train the "new girls" working for 110% that day, then back to the store until 6.
Sunday, volunteer at the race in the last mile, from 6:45am until 12:45pm.
Monday - not even sore!

So, how did I manage 25 miles on my legs PLUS over 20 hours on my feet at the expo and the store AS WELL AS covering the last mile of the course up and down for 6 hours?!?! My answer is my faithful sidekick and training partner - 110%.  If you haven't heard me talk about 110% before, we've never chatted about running.  I live by this stuff, which is why I was so excited to work the booth both at the Publix Georgia Marathon and Half-Marathon event as well as last month at the Donna Marathon expo.

Here's my secret - Friday, I wore my 110% Juggler Knickers and did a lot of demoing of the icing recovery opportunity while at the expo.  Saturday, I rocked the Flat Out Sox under my jeans at the expo, at the store, and in my evening adventures with friends.  Sunday, I again rocked with Juggler Knickers, along with Calf Sleeves, to stay warm, and keep the blood flowing to oxygenate and refresh my muscles all day long.

During my training, I've been relying on my Juggler Knickers to help with post-long run recovery.  After each run, I come home and stretch and foam roll, before taking a shower.  Once I've showered, I pull on my knickers, head down to the freezer and throw in my ice therapy before starting dinner (I'm NOT a morning runner, most of the time, which is why switching up the schedule these last few days has been horrible.  I relished sleeping in on Monday morning!).

110% has a full line of compression and icing products - from Double Life Calf Sleeves and Overdrive Sox, to Juggler Knickers and Transformer Shorts.  They've even got Arm Sleeves and Elbow Sleeves.  My favorite compression (only) sock on the market has to be the Flat Out Sox from 110% - I've tried the Pro Compression, the Adidas, and the CEP sleeves - and none compare in comfort or quality to this sock.  Flat Out Sox have both gradient and zoned compression.  Gradient compression is when it's tighter at your ankle and looser by the knee, to help stimulate the blood flow back to your heart, reoxygenating the blood and reducing fatigue and potential for cramping.  The zoned compression mimics what you would do with KT Tape, stabilizing the muscle and reducing the chance of shin splints.  I am super excited that I am able to give away a pair of the Flat Out Sox on my blog this week!!!  They come in three different colors - Hi Viz Green, Pink, and Black and White. I love my pink ones.  So, enter for your chance to win, and choose the color and size of your choice.
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Maryalicia V. said...

What a wonderful prize. I would love to try 110% They look awesome!

Jen said...

Who won the socks? :)

Katie Preston said...

Jen, you need to read the next week's post to see the winner!