11 March 2014

Training Tuesday - Feetures Giveaway

My first real Boston training week is in the books:

Tuesday, March 4:
Speed work.  1mi warm up, 1mi repeat x3 with .25mi recovery. 1mi cool down.
12:27 warm-up; 10:33; 10:32; 10:33; 12:02 cool down.  WOW - pretty consistent! (first time using MVP to break down segments)  This is in the range for a 4:30-4:45 marathon finish time

Wednesday, March 5:
Weight training.  Did a workout from Boston buddy Adam.
Crunches: 3 Sets of 20
Leg Lifts: 3 Sets of 20 on each leg 
Bicycle: 3 sets 20 counted Left Right 1, Left Right 2 
Side Leg Lifts: 3 sets of 20 
Bridge Marches: 3 sets of 20 counted Left Right 1, Left Right 2 
Squats: 3 sets of 20
Plank: 1 min
Side planks: 1 min on each side. 

Thursday, March 6:
Switched it up to run with a new friend. 5 "easy" miles.  (she runs WAY faster than me)
49:36.  Avg pace: 9:50mm.  No intervals.

Friday, March 7:
Hill work.  Total climb: 465ft.
Total time: 1:15:05.  Total distance: 7.00miles  Avg pace: 10:44

Saturday, March 8:
10mile work out broken into two workouts.
Silver Comet 10K race: 57:23 (chip time).  Avg pace: 9:14mm.  No intervals - only walked briefly through water stops.
Last 3.8 miles running back to start area: 47:49 (total time).  Avg pace: 12:37mm.  Intervals 3/:45

Sunday, March 9:
Sunday Spin.  20mile bike ride, including hills (same from Friday's hill work, plus home hill)
Total time: 1:32:33.  Avg speed: 13.2mph  Avg HR: 145bpm  Total climb: 1983ft

Monday, March 10:
Rest day.  Starting a new component to training thanks to an EveryMove reward from Barre3.  Doing the 28 to Great plan, that includes daily barre workouts and nutrition for 28 days.  Getting serious about Boston now!  Barre Posture 30min workout.

This week I want to share my love of socks.  I have found my sock partner and we are bound for life! I'm talking about Feetures socks!  I was grateful enough to be introduced to Feetures back when I was working at Big Peach Running Company - we were given sample pairs to try.  And I haven't looked back.  The thing I love about Feetures is that they are anatomically correct - which means there is a left and right sock.  Just like your shoes, you need socks that correctly conform to your feet, and Feetures does just that.  They have built in arch support, thus the need to be on the correct foot, which helps keep them in place.  I'm telling you - I've never had a blister or any foot issues from these socks (don't worry, I'm knocking on the proverbial wood right now, even though I don't have to because these socks are THAT AMAZING!).  I'm a huge fan of low profile socks, and these are designed with the Sock Lock to keep your foot from sliding around in your socks.

Having worked at a running store, I know how important socks and shoes are for runners - and that you have to find the perfect fit for you.  That's why I'm so excited I have a pair of High Performance Feetures to giveaway this week.  I only have the one pair, in pink and size M - so hopefully it's a perfect fit for the winner!

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bookgirl said...

Features are my favorite socks! I would love another pair