15 September 2015

Climate Ride Northeast 2015 - The Adventure Begins

Wow! I can't believe it's here. It's been a really crazy few months, and there were times in the last couple weeks I really didn't think I would hit my fundraising goal or be able to get away. But here I am, sitting at my friends' just outside of Boston, gearing up to hit the road for another Climate Ride adventure. I am PUMPED for what's in store over the next week!

So, here's the agenda:

  • Wednesday, September 16: depart at 9am on a shuttle from Boston to Bar Harbor. 

This will take me and the bike up to Bar Harbor so I don't have to worry about getting everything back there after the ride. It's about a 5 hour drive (glad to not be driving any more myself, since I've logged about 17 hours of driving over the last two days!) and we arrive in Bar Harbor around 2. Once there, it's time to check-in to our hotels and if we want, get a ride in around Acadia National Park. I can't WAIT to check out this park, after receiving a photo book from the park back in 2004. 

  • Thursday, September 17: ride begins at 8:30am, Bar Harbor to Hope (79 miles)
Wow! Really diving in on this first day. Not just the miles, but it's looking like about 3000ft of elevation climb as well. I will be STOKED for dinner this night. 

  • Friday, September 18: leave by 8:30am, Hope to Jefferson (52 miles)
So, on this day, we have an option to ride an extra 20 mile loop to the Oxbow Brewing Company, and while that sounds exciting... I think I'm going to skip it to prepare for the BIG day tomorrow... 

  • Saturday, September 19: head out at 6:30am, Jefferson to Ocean Park (100 miles)
Yes, you read that right. Today is a century day! I am really hoping to be able to bike all 100 miles. There are two shorter options, and I'm not sure yet if I need to decide in the morning what my plan is, or if I can call for a ride if I feel like I'm not going to make it. There will be some tough climbs on this ride, and it will definitely be a LONG day in the saddle. But it would be amazing to conquer my first century day during this ride. And I will sleep HARD that night if I do!

  • Sunday, September 20: leave by 8am, Ocean Park to Amesbury (76 miles)
After yesterday, this day will feel like a BREEZE! And it's all downhill from here. Maybe not literally, but after a 100 mile day, these last two days will seem so easy because they are so much shorter! This day does have a major climb right near the end, but if I have to walk it, so be it. Been there, done that. Currently, this is the only day in the forecast with a chance of rain. (don't worry, I knocked on wood...) Hopefully by the time the day rolls around, we'll get clear skies!

  • Monday, September 21: start riding by 7:30am, Amesbury to Boston (59 miles)
Early start again this morning, but only because we got places to be! The goal is to ride into Boston Common around 3:30pm and anyone in the area is WELCOME to join us. It will be SOOO awesome to finish up on the Common and relive all my memories from the marathon. I do hope to see some of my local friends at the finish. And feel free to grab a bike (if Hubway has any available) and join us!

Then I'm hoping for some Wahlburgers as a treat for my efforts before a low-key week. But the fun isn't over, because the following Saturday, my friend Liz and I are heading out to the Cape for the ZOOMA Half Marathon! Yup... it's gonna be epic!

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