18 September 2015

Day 2 - Hope to Jefferson

Well, I was able to get some sleep and felt up for heading out this morning. It was a day to play it smart, so when I hit that first hill on the way out of camp, I just went ahead and walked it. I wasn’t ready to push myself and test the ribs. And of course, Kip our awesome photog was there to capture the moment! It was a pretty easy morning of 16 miles to the first water stop. A few hills, but nothing like yesterday.

The water stop was great! We were next to the Maine Lighthouse Museum, so of course I had to check it out and take lots of pictures for mom and dad. I also had to pick up a souvenir/gift for them. The gift shop had just put in their new machine to start taking chip cards, and were having some trouble running my card. By the time they finally got it sorted out, I was the last one out of the stop. I got shuttle up about 9 miles, just to make up a little time. I wasn’t upset about it because I’ve decided the goal on this ride is to be safe, to be smart, and to enjoy every moment. So I enjoyed talking more with Rose, who grew up right in this part of Maine, and getting told to definitely make sure to stop for blueberry pie at Moody’s Diner. I hopped out of the van around mile 26 for the day, and was back out on the road. But MAN it was getting HOT!!! I ended up using my regular water bottle a lot to just squirt some water on top of my head. I also was so cognizant about staying hydrated that for about the last 10 miles riding into the lunch stop, I was ready for a bathroom break!

I made the pit stop for pie just before lunch and rigged up my pie on my bike to make the 2 mile journey to lunch. Rolling in to lunch, some other riders were already on the way back out. I knew I was near the back, and with the heat, I was really debating about hitching a ride to camp. But once I pulled in, there were still quite a few people there. I took a break in the shade, got a sandwich and ate my absolutely delicious pie, and decided I could handle the last 12 miles to camp. A few of my new (and old – from the last ride) friends were heading out at the same time, so we got to ride together the last few miles. It was fun to have company, as many times on these rides I end up riding solo.

We had to stop for the #mysterywell photo op – a stagecoach watering hole established around 1800. And of course we had to take a few fun photos while we were there too! Then we got to Jefferson Market and made another stop, since it turned out the ice cream shop we were thinking about coming back to was already closed. While we were there I sneezed, and boy that hurt! Guess the ribs are still sore. Just a few more miles, and we were in camp – although Michele tried to stop just one more time, but I just had to leave her. It was still pretty warm, and I was just ready to be done.

I rolled in to camp and got settled in at my bunk and then tried to go for a swim in the lake. It was absolutely gorgeous out there, and I was thinking I could even do a little OWS… but when I got down there it was CHILLY in the water. And when I finally eased myself down into the water, and tried to swim, my ribs just really hurt too much to try to get out in the choppy water. So I was quickly back out and heading back for a shower. 

Can’t wait for dinner… and BED!!! I’ve decided not to try for the century tomorrow, which is a little disappointing, but it’s the smart thing to do. Plus, it means more time at L.L.Bean!!

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