15 July 2003

Ah, the weekend...
...Friday... had an indoor picnic because they were afraid it would rain... yeah, no rain, ALL NIGHT! The went to On the Bricks with some old school peeps to enjoy Better Than Ezra. Afterwards, went to Birdi's, a martini bar, and had one too many martini's... then back to the Carter-Florence house to chat. Bedtime: 4:00am
...Saturday... a dry Mimosa Saturday, with visiting eater, Lindsey Wade! Thanks for cooking Bethy, it was ummy! Then went for my final day of dogsitting... cleaned up and played with the dogs one last time before heading to Athens Pizza House for dinner with some newbie peeps. Then grabbed Katie H. and found a party at Matt's... went to three bars... very little drinking for me... it was Katie H.'s night! Bedtime: 3:30ish am
...Sunday... 6:30am... wake up to take Teri to the airport so she can go to Chicago for Calum's installation and a Session meeting... 7:30am... back to bed... sleep all day (mostly)... get up and go to dinner with Beth, Laura and Amy to P.F. Chang's... mmm, mmm, good! Grabbed a movie on the way home... talked to the Christy's about plans for Six Flags, then watched Ocean's 11...mmm, mmm... yummy men!... Did a little cleaning and Greek during the movie. Bedtime: 3:00am
...Monday... class (plh)... post-class... grab lunch (mmm...left over chinese!)... pick up Mrs. Christy at MARTA and then head to Six Flags!! Meet up with Ms. Christy and her cousins and play all day at Six Flags! Get stuck at De'javu... something broke, but luckily they got us off before we got hurt by whatever was broken! Total time waiting to ride De'javu: 1 hour, 30 min. Freaked out at the shear height off the ground... but overall it was bearable. Flew on Superman twice... enjoyed all the important coasters... eventful day... took both Christy's home... came home and crashed!! Bedtime: 2:30am
As you can see, it was a late night weekend! Vespers tonight, a little Greek, and then I'm going to bed EARLY!!
Well, back to the fun that is the library!

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