03 July 2003

I have successfully made it through week one of Greek school. We've taken two quizzes, and I've aced them both. Yeah for me (and the girls- they rocked 'em too, of course). So far, it doesn't seem to bad... hopefully it stays that way, cause then I can go on vacation!! I've gotten all my homework done, and when I'm done blogging, I will read all the chapters for next week. Working the library while absolutely nothing is going on is turning out to be quite beneficial for my academic career!
Finally got to take the dogs to the park again yesterday, and their friends were there to play with. The weather has turned out to be beautiful, and I hope it stays that way for the weekend. I have got to be able to sleep in this weekend at least one day... at least it's a three day weekend. I'm just so exhausted from the back-and-forth and getting to bed late because of it. Since it's a holiday weekend, we'll be having Mimosa Fourth of July and the traditional Mimosa Saturday! Whoohoo... we even have two bottles of champaigne for the occasion!
Tonight, there will be another trip to the park, followed by a viewing of Catch Me If You Can. I'm very excited, cause I think this movie is going to be lots of fun! And maybe we'll order out, cause I'm really feeling a Chinese craving! (I saw a take-out box somewhere this week and have been thinking about it ever since!)
So, here's our holiday plans: for the Fourth, we'll be going to a picnic in the village, sponsered by SOS, where there is supposed to be BBQ (bleh) and assorted side dishes (mmm... potato salad!). That's at 12:00, so we will have just about finished up brunch by that time... hopefully we won't be too full! Then, as far as fireworks go, we're still trying to figure that out. Maybe the Decatur square with our classmates, maybe Lake Allatoona with my fam, or maybe we'll go to Stone Mountain and check out the new laser show, complete with fireworks for the holiday! Saturday, we'll again be having Mimosa Brunch, and hopefully getting Amy's room organized, and then the rockin Greek Party at Sue Cranell's! It'll be fun to see Sue... and to party like it's 20-99 (a la, Prince). And then, I think we'll be going to New Covenant for church on Sunday, because David Forney is preaching. And then it will be time to switch back into Greek mode and plow into next week!
Well, that's all the news that's fit to print right now! Hope everyone has an awesome weekend and I'll catch ya on the flip side :)

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