20 October 2003

Boo PIF's... and other forms to fill out and a zillion things to plan!
I'm working on my PIF for SM210 (PIF=Personal Information Form, SM210= Supervised Ministry internship) and I'm just not enjoying it.

In other news, yesterday I finally got to partake in the wonder of Whole Foods. It was way cool... I love it there! We spent time hanging out... Teri and I went for a walk. Got in a little work, and then watched Alias... OH MY GOSH!! I won't say anything so as not to spoil it for others, but OH MY GOSH!!

Lots of work in store for this week. Hoping to get a few other things acocmplished as well. Theology on Wednesday... BOO!

Going out for Teri's birthday (which is tomorrow) tonight... YEAH!

Drinks for Teri's birthday on Thursday... YIPPIE!!

Fall Retreat with the Youth this weekend... WHOOHOO!!

Overall estimate of the week... two thumbs up!

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