23 October 2003

It is absolutely freezing in here. On top of keeping a fleece here, I should probably throw some gloves in the pockets!

Theology was ok. I hate John Calvin, but Joe Jones and I are tight now.

Had a really good afternoon yesterday. Lunch with the chicas at Sweet Tomatos (mmm, mmm). Then oil change for the car, meeting with Louis (got to see Jake), massage :), haircut, and Bible study. And then I came home and watched Matrix: Reloaded with the chicas. It was interesting... I think I need to watch it again to decide... and wait until Revolutions to make my final decision.

Today has been a boring day in the library with a fun break out into the beautiful world to play some football! Going out with the girlies tonight for more of Teri's birthday fun!

Fall retreat this weekend in Awanita. Hopefully we'll all come back in one piece, and have managed at least a few hours of sleep.

That's all for now... I'm going to go die of boredom now.

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