11 January 2005

And I thought it was going to be a load of crap!...

I just watched the Biggest Loser finale. I somehow got into it last week. I remember seeing previews for it in the fall and thinking it was going to be the worst reality show on tv and thinking how degrading it was to work towards being "The Biggest Loser." And then I saw what these people had done, and I cried! The 12 contestants lost over 750 pounds!! The three finalists looked amazing from where they had come from. Kelly, the only girl, started at 242 and lost 79 pounds! Her final weight was 173 and she looked amazing! Gary, the oldest guy, started at 227 and was actually the lightest finalist, weighing in at 156. He also looked amazing. The final guy, the one crowned "The Biggest Loser" was Ryan. He started at 330 pounds and lost 122 pounds ending at 208!! They also factored in total body fat lost, as well as comparing percentage of weight lost, so it is just a coincidence that the guy who won lost the most amount of weight. It was a complete change! And I think the reason it made me cry was to see the dramatic change in these peoples lives (over a 6 month period) and thinking "why can't I get up the motivation to do that?" I don't want as drastic a change, but I want to be healthier and here I am looking at what I ate today and it's crap... all crap. I noticed over the weekend that when I got Checkers my acid reflux really flared up. So the root of that issue is the food I eat! I really need to avoid fast food not only for my health, but also for my wallet. I want to be healthier. I want to be the kind of person that is motivated to get up in the morning and work out. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, as well as a swift kick in the pants to get me going. Thanks for listening to me rant. That's all for now... night :)

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